Paula Shaw

Paula Shaw

I have worked as a trainer and educator for 32 years and I love my profession, as it has provided me with opportunities to better understand people, their relationships with knowledge, and its acquisition.

In the early 90s I worked for a college in Buxton, training beauty therapists. My team and I were charged with the task of writing the first degrees for hairdressing, beauty therapy and spa, with the work quickly evolving into e-learning. Working for the University of Derby, I have represented them at several international spa conferences and as an ambassador in Korea and Hong Kong.

Between 2004 and 2011, I moved to France and continued to work part-time for the University of Derby as an e-course developer and e-tutor for the faculty of Culture and Lifestyle. This enabled me to experience e-learning remotely - facing the same challenges, in terms of access, as my students. In November 2011, I began working as an Academic Manager for the newly formed University of Derby Online Learning. Our department works to implement new operating systems to provide effective online training and development for both undergraduate to post graduate levels of study.

In 2008, I was nominated for an Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Award for my teaching and, in 2014, I was nominated with my department for the Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Award for ‘Innovative Methods, Systems and Processes’. In the same year (2014), I was awarded the Vice-Chancellor's Excellence award for Outstanding Personal Impact of the Year.

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