Frankie Maratos

Dr Frances Maratos

Frances is an Associate Professor and Reader in Emotion Science. For the past 15+ years, her research has centred on understanding psychological, neurological, cognitive and physiological correlates of emotional well-being. In particular, her research has contributed to understanding anxiety and its relationship with eating disorders, understanding processes of threat and self-criticism, and the use of compassion for emotion-regulation across various populations. She has published over 40 peer-reviewed papers in these specific areas, as well as several book chapters. In recent years, she has become a key individual within the compassion in schools movement, co-ordinating, progressing and evaluating well-being effects of compassionate mind training with both educators and their pupils across the UK and Portugal. She is also currently serving as a consultant on UK ‘Mindfulness Initiative Education Strategy’ policy and is part of the Mindfulness Initiative Steering Group.

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