Studying from home

Circumstances never stay static, they are always evolving, and the current global situation is a prime example of this.

When the Covid-19 situation first hit the UK and my University campus had to close, I knew that adapting to the current situation was vital to my studies. Initially, I felt stressed, worried, and anxious about studying from home. However, I didn’t let these feelings take over.

When I first began studying from home, I found it very unusual and found myself becoming easily distracted as I was in an environment that I was familiar with which made me more relaxed and at ease. Although it was easy to get distracted by my phone and games console, I decided to turn them off, which resulted in me being engrossed in my studies for hours.

I had tested a few methods of being productive and found a good balance. Here is my daily routine, I hope by sharing this that you find some inspiration to help improve your own virtual learning environment:

  • I go for a one-hour morning walk/jog to clear my mind shortly after having breakfast. I find that this refreshes me before doing my work and I come away feeling extremely, energetic
  • I then have a 30-minute lunch break, followed by completing the work I set out to do within that day
  • Once I complete the work for the day, I then do some exercise and watch a film in the evening
  • At the end of the day, I ensure that I have 8 hours of sleep so I that I can get up early the next day. I feel this is vital to help maximise productivity and efficiency

By embracing change and adapting to the current environment, I am working more effectively and developing new skills such as working online, which will be extremely useful when going into the workplace.

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