Top ten essentials to pack for university

You’ve secured your place at university, researched your course and the city, now it’s time to decide what to take with you. Packing can be a daunting experience and there is always the temptation to take too much.


Steve Ward, Customer Services Manager at Derby Student Residences Limited at the University of Derby, gives his top ten essentials of what to pack – and what not to bother taking…

  1. Laundry bag and washing product
  2. Laptop and printer
  3. Bedding – A mattress cover is a good idea as well as all the usual linen. Some rooms have ¾ beds so check the size before you arrive. If you’re an international student, some halls, such as the ones owned by the University of Derby, will supply you with free bed linen when you arrive.
  4. Phone charger
  5. Kitchen essentials – If you’re an international student, some halls may supply you with a free kitchen pack. The University of Derby offers this.
  6. Towels and a hair dryer
  7. Headphones – These are a MUST when listening to loud music in halls and to block out other noise.
  8. Cleaning products
  9. Important documents – Bank account details, cash card, personal ID, your passport, driving licence, national insurance details (if you’re looking for part time work), details of your doctor and dentist, your NHS number and your medical card and your Young Persons Railcard or Travelcard are all important to take along with you.
  10. A door-stop – Social when moving into halls as it welcomes other new students in.


  1. Packing a TV – Often there are no aerial points in hall bedrooms and students watch TV through their computers instead. Check with your hall to make sure. You can bring TVs for gaming though.
  2. Kettles/toasters – First, check to see if they are provided. Some halls do, some halls don’t. If they don’t it still best to wait until you meet your flatmates and share the cost. After all, who wants six kettles and toasters floating round the kitchen?
  3. Forbidden items – For safety reasons, you’re not allowed to bring deep fat fryers, chip pans, portable heaters, tumble dryers or sunbeds. Also most halls don’t allow candles and joss sticks in bedrooms as they are a fire hazard.

Top tips:

  • Bring a bike – Many halls let you store them free of charge and there are lots of places to park at University. If you aren’t living in halls you’ll save a fortune on bus fares and stay fit at the same time, just make sure it’s insured! If students are living in University of Derby halls, their bike will be insured, but they must check their Endsleigh policy for further details.
  • Pre-order essentials – Did you know you can pre-order your essentials for university and have them waiting for you when you arrive? Companies like UniKitOut offer this service – sometimes with generous discounts. Check their website for details of participating universities and halls at

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